American Airlines L.A. to Cuba Charter Service Announced

American Airlines NewsWith the U.S. easing the restrictions on visiting Cuba it has quickly become one of the hottest touist destinatons.

Full diplomatic relations have been restored between the two nations so hopefully it will be even easier for Americans to visit Cuba in the near future. I’d love to go before it gets flooded with American tourists and loses some of its charm but it still isn’t so simple to get to Cuba…

Early in 2015 started selling flight from the US to Cuba. JetBlue started offering a direct charter from NY to Cuba which began in early July.

Now a new charter service to Cuba is being announced.

American Airlines will offer a charter flight from Los Angeles to Havana through Cuba Travel Services (the same partner JetBlue has for the NY-Havana charter).

The flight will be “the only non-stop service connecting the West Coast to Cuba since restrictions were eased” according to the AA press release.

You won’t be able to use those AAdvantage miles to book the flight or even book it at Flights will be sold by Cuba Travel Services . They will operate on Satudays starting on December 12, 2015.

The press release also mentions that American will also operate a Saturday flight from Miami to Havana, also sold by Cuba Travel Services.

I found it interesting to read that American has been offering charters to Cuba since 1991. With these new charter announcements, AA will now have 22 weekly flights to destinations in Cuba from Miamia, Tampa and LA.

Are you interested in traveling to Cuba? It’s one of the top places that I’d like to go.

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