United Airlines To Fly Planes Powered By Food Scraps, Animal Fat & Farm Waste

United AirlinesI just came across some very interesting info on a way that United Airlines plans to save some money while also going a bit green.

United plans to “fly planes powered by a biofuel made from food scraps (among other household waste), farm waste and animal fat” according to Grub Street.

This sounds like a great way to take recycling to a new level.

United’s plan will also help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The New York Times says that this alternative fuel could evenutally cost a lot less than $1 per gallon. What I’d like to know is if United will eventually pass the savings onto us, its customers? Somehow I doubt that they will.

This new fuel idea is due to United investing $30 million in Fulcrum BioFuels.

The first flight using the new fuel will fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco this summer. They will mix 30% animal fat & farm waste with 70% regular jet fuel. This will be tried out for a couple of weeks and then the biofuel will go into United’s fuel supply.

Fulcrum plans to build six more refineries around the U.S. and has deals to take landfill trash of which 20% is food waste  from two of the countries largest waste management companies.

It’s definitely good to hear airlines thinking of ways to help cut costs while also doing something good for the environment. Hopefully this new food waste biofuel does both of those things and more airlines could do the same.

Find out more from Grub Street here and the NY Times here.


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