NY Mets Flight Diverted Last Night

NY Mets
image: wikimedia commons

Last night my favorite baseball team, the NY Mets’ charter flight made an unscheduled landing in Detroit.

The flight was diverted due to an unspecified health issue with the team’s play by-play radio voice Howie Rose.┬áThe Mets were traveling from New York’s JFK to LAX for tonight’s game with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A statement from the Mets (which I came across on the Daily News website) stated that “although he is feeling better, due to the lengthy travel, doctors have advised Howie to rejoin the team upon their return to New York next week“.

The Mets flight was diverted for a little over an hour in Detroit. The flight had taken off less than two hours before the medical issue occurred.

The Daily News says that Rose was taken off the plane for a “non-life threatening condition” and then taken to a local hospital for tests.

Here’s to wishing a speedy recovery to Howie Rose and for the Mets to wake up and start scoring some runs and winning some games…

Find out more about the Mets flight diversion from the Daily News here.

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