Kickstarter Campaign For A Bizarre Hotel

baker california
image: screen capture from Kickstarter video

This has to be filed under the totally weird and bizarre categories…

The founder of Alien Fresh Jerky (can’t say I’ve heard of it before) has grand plans for Baker California.

Luis Ramallo is looking for help to raise funds ($175,000 to be exact) through Kickstarter for his plan. He wants to open a UFO hotel in Baker, a town in California between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

According to the L.A. Times, Baker is “a place known mostly for its giant thermometer, a constant reminder of just how scorching the temperatures can be“.

So what made him come up with the idea to open a $30 million UFO themed hotel?

Ramallo thinks there is money to be made here. His jerky business, based in Baker gets over 750,000 visitors a year. However, they’re most likely just passing through. Ramallo says that “people are staying in Baker no more than a half hour” in one of the Kickstarter videos.

But could a UFO hotel become an attraction which would make people want to stay in Baker for a night or even for a UFO hotel tour?

baker california
Nuclear Sleeping Room, image: Kickstarter

I think some might want to stop by to take a quick look, but would many really want to spend $300 for a night in one of the 31 themed rooms? I don’t know about that. I think they’d rather get to Vegas or back to LA.

So far the Kickstarter has raised $990 from 31 backers and there is 46 days left to raise the other $174,010.

Find out more from the L.A. Times here. Check out the UFO Hotel Kickstarter page to see some videos and images of the plans for the hotel.

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