Pilots Fired For Taking Selfies With Model During Flight

Flight Safety

This has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read that pilots have done…

Two Aerlineas Argentinas pilots have been fired for allowing a model/ actress into the cockpit to take selfies during a flight!

The flight was going from Buenos Aires to Rosario when the incident took place. The woman, Vicky Xipolitakis shared the photos with her Twitter followers which number over 400,000.

Flight Safety

The Daily News says, “The problem is that one of the photos was clearly taken while the plane was in-flight, a fact that didn’t impress airline management“.

The president of Aerolineas Argentinas “told local news that the pilots in-air selfies put other lives at risk…we dismissed the pilots. They are two irresponsible people.”

Crazy, right!

What do you feel is more of a threat to flight safety, this current incident or pilots fighting in the cockpit prior to a flight?

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

(Images :@VXIPOLITAKISOK on Twitter from Yahoo News article)

9 thoughts on “Pilots Fired For Taking Selfies With Model During Flight

  1. Seba- Thanks for the video. Crazy stuff, just wish I knew what they were saying!

    Jon- A hat tip would imply that I got the story from Winglet which I didn’t.

  2. Pablo Lu- What you are saying might be true but from what I read, the info I provided was what happened. It could be that there is/ was more to the story…

  3. The information is not accurate. The pilots was fired because they allow her to touch the velocity control during take off., and allow her to stay all the duration of the flight inside the cockpit.

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