Man Who Sold $400 FREE Staten Island Ferry Tix Suing NYC

Staten Island Ferry

I recently wrote about one of the crazier tourism scams in New York City that I’ve ever come across.

A couple of tourists paid $400 for a ride on the FREE Staten Island Ferry. The con man was arrested for the crime soon after it took place but now he’s decided to sue the city!

Imagine, you con tourists and have the nerve to sue for being caught ripping people off…

According to Gothamist, “Suspect Gregory Reddick, 54, and his employer, SJQ Sightseeing Tours, are suing the city and the arresting officers saying they have been harassed and prevented from (legally) taking advantage of tourists“.

Make a lot of sense doesn’t it? I can’t say that I really understand what it is that they are suing for.

If you’re selling someone tickets to a free site/ ride and get arrested for it, the how is it harassment?

SJQ claims that they have a right to sell tickets to tourists due to a 2013 appeals court decision.

The new lawsuit says that “vendors of tickets to entertainment are exempt from the license requirements of the General Vendors Law because they do not vend goods or services” according to the article.

The kicker is that the 2013 case “only addresses the sale of tickets on city sidewalks, not in public parks“.

I don’t know about you, but SJQ sounds to me like a bunch of scam artists, nothing more.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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