Global Entry $100 Credit Posted from Citi Exec AA Card!

Global Entry 

I recently wrote about Kim and Lucas’ Global Entry interviews which went impressively fast.

Although I’ve had Global Entry for a couple of years, I’ve hesitated to get it for Kim & Lucas for a couple of reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to pay the $100 fee
  2. We get to cut the line quite a bit since we’re traveling with a little guy

However, when the Citi Executive AAdvantage card added a Global Entry fee credit, it was time to apply…

Kim and I each have one Citi Executive card at the moment. So naturally Kim paid for her Global Entry with her card and I used my card for Lucas.

I saw the charge on my bill within a day or so and wondered when I would receive my statement credit. I checked a few times but didn’t see the credit so I stopped looking for around a week…

A couple of days back I was paying some bills and noticed that my Citi Exec account showed a $0 balance. This had to mean that my credit posted!

I clicked on my account and this is what I saw:
Global EntryBased on the dates (shown above) on my statement, it looks like it takes around three weeks for Citi to credit back our accounts for Global Entry.

This seemed pretty fast since I thought it might take at least one statement for it to post. The Global Entry offer was  was definitely a nice benefit to receive before closing our accounts when the fee posts in the upcoming months…

Have you taken advantage of the free Global Entry benefit from a Citi Executive card?

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