No Issues Loading Target REDcard with Multiple Debit Swipes!

Target Prepaid REDcard

Yesteday I wrote of the problem I had loading my Target Prepaid REDcard at a store in Brooklyn, NY.

At the Target Atlantic Terminal I asked to load $600 to my REDcard, splitting the amount among three cards. I was told that more than one debit card was not allowed when doing the load.

This was a bit of a surprise to me since I had heard or read nothing about this to date. (Target employees have had a hard times splitting debit loads since they didnt know how to do the transaction but I was never told no before.)

I figured that this was an issue related to this location (and possibly other local Targets) so I headed over to another store in Brooklyn yesterday.

I stopped in the Gateway Target at Erskine Street to see what would happen.

Rather than purchasing more Visa gift cards from Staples, I decided to just bring the two $200 cards that I had trouble loading the day before.

I waited for a few minutes on line before it was my turn.

I then asked to load $400 to my Target REDcard. As I handed over my card, I asked if she could split the payment, doing $200 each time.

The rep didn’t think much of it and went ahead with my transaction.

It looks like the one debit card rules only applies at the Target Atlantic Terminal store based on how my experience went at the Gateway store along with some comments from readers.

Hopefully Target continues to allow multiple debit card loads to REDcard and the issue I had remains a one store rule…

6 thoughts on “No Issues Loading Target REDcard with Multiple Debit Swipes!

  1. Is anyone having major issues getting AMEX gift cards ($2,000 and under, of course) to track on Only 2 of my past 8 purchases have successfully tracked.

  2. Raja- That seems to be the case in a bunch of locations…

    JT- I’m pretty sure they hit some code letting the register know it will be a split.

    Moshe- I haven’t gone to the Junction in over a month. Will probably go there when I get home…

    Daniel- That’s a real pain! I wonder if this was a problem at all Target stores???

  3. I was refused reloads from Visa Gift cards with pins at Gateway several times about a month ago, but will try again. I always found the staff there difficult. Have you tried to reload at the Junction Target recently. They also turned me down. I haven’t tried the Atlantic Terminal store yet.

  4. What’s the procedure they need to follow to split it between two cards? Usually I’ve ended up having to do two completely different transactions with them…

  5. My local walmart will allow only one debit card. Some how they know people loading with giftcard and its not allowed to load more than one card.

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