Baggage Handlers Arrested For Transporting Drugs At Airport

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There’s been news of airport employees committing crimes like theft in the not so distant past but a new story that I just came across seems a whole lot worse…

NBC News reports that “14 Were Charged With Transporting Drugs Through Secure Area At Oakland Airport“. Pretty bad, but the kicker is that three of those arrested were baggage handlers.

When I started to read this story it made me wonder what other crimes or harm could be done by people trusted with security clearance at our airports.

According to the article, those arrested were charged with transporting marijuana around the country by getting past airport security at Oakland International Airport. The crimes took place over three years.

So how did they commit the crimes?

The baggage handlers were able to carry luggage with marijuana inside through the “Air Operations area at Oakland International Airport without having to pass through a TSA checkpoint“. They would then use their “secure badges” to enter a passenger terminal past the security checkpoint and give the bags to a courier that brought them on a flight to another city where the drugs would be sold.

One of the baggage handlers also was able to ship drugs as cargo due to his job as an airline employee.

The defendants were charged with conspiracy to distribute, and possess with intent to distribute, 100 kilograms or more of marijuana.

Crazy, right?

Find out more from NBC News here.

2 thoughts on “Baggage Handlers Arrested For Transporting Drugs At Airport

  1. It goes without saying that these folk simply did not follow the airline baggie policy.

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