HOT DEAL: $10 Off Dining Bill with Citi


A couple of months back I wrote about an offer to save $15 off a dine of $20 or more when paying with my Citi AA Executive card through an app called TabbedOut.

While I didn’t take advantage of the offer it was probably worth looking into. I just never got around to it…

Well now a similar offer is back.

I received an e-mail from Citi/ AAdvantage Card with an offer to save $10 off my next dining bill with Citi and TabbedOut.

When dining out and using the TabbedOut app (for iPhone & Android) you can view your check, add a tip and pay the bill right from your phone.

This sounds like an extremely convenient way to dine but… I tried using a similar app, Pay with OpenTable when it offered $20 off of a bill. The app offers the same benefits more or less- see your bill in real time, add your tip, pay and leave without having to wait for a waiter to bring the check. However, when I tried using OpenTable’s payment feature I ran into lots of problems which was a big pain

Now I’m not saying it isn’t worth trying out TabbedOut. The OpenTable payment feature could’ve had problems due to being so new or due to my phone’s operating system (although the OpenTable rep didn’t say the issue was due to that.)

My offer from Citi for TabbedOut is to save $10 when dining out on a check of $15 or more. It also says that the offer is good when using my Citi/ AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard.

When I looked further into the offer terms, they stated  that “this offer is only available on Citi Consumer Credit Cards and CitiBusiness Cards” so my guess is that it is good for all Citi cards not just the one mentioned above. It also doesn’t appear to be a targeted offer.

Some Rules:

  • One offer is available per TabbedOut account
  • Minimum spend on bill is $15 including tax, excluding tip
  • It includes Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island
  • $10 off will be applied directly to the bill

Offer is good until 7/31/15

TabbedOut can be downloaded in the iTues App Store and through Google play.

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