Poll: Is It Wrong To Take Amenity Kits When Flying In Coach

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A couple of weeks back I wrote a post asking, Have You Taken An Amenity Kit When Flying Coach?

In the past (on a few occasions), I’ve taken a kit while exiting the plane so no, I don’t think it’s wrong.

In the post I mentioned that “I consider that what I did was actually help them (flight attendants) clean up the aircraft. The kits were opened and not useable anymore so why would it matter if I took something that would most likely go in the garbage!”

Many of you also said that you’ve taken kits, while a couple of others compared it to stealing.

Here is a comment from Rob Lambert: ” So when you invite me to dinner, I may help you clean up the table by putting your sterling in my bag? Sure you won’t mind that help. Steal much? ”

Reader Carl P seems to view things more how I do “If I just use my sterling once, and then toss it, feel free to take it. Most people wash and reuse sterling, unlike used amenity kits (I hope)”. 

So is taking a (most likely) used amenity kit when exiting the plane wrong, even possibly considered theft?

During our flight to Myanmar (Burma), we flew from New York’s JFK to Munich (MUC) on Lufthansa. We exited through the rear of the plane so I didn’t have the chance to keep my eyes out for an amenity kit.

We then caught a flight a few hours later on Thai Airways to Bangkok (BKK).

Kim, Lucas and I were sitting in the second row behind business class and exited through that cabin. While leaving the plane, I spotted an amenity kit sitting on one seat. Kim was getting the rest of our things so I was a bit ahead of her with Lucas.

Since I saw the kit, I decided to stop to wait for Kim and grab her a gift…

I put Lucas down and waited for the flight attendant to walk past us before grabbing the left behind business class amenity kit, a very nice looking black one by Borghese.

amenity kit

So I already know from the comments on my previous post that many of you agree with me and think it is OK to take left behind kits while others think it is wrong.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll and let us know how you feel about taking amenity kits while flying in coach.

Is it wrong to take amenity kits when flying coach?

  • No- I've done it before or would if the opportunity came up. (42%, 78 Votes)
  • No- but I personally haven't or wouldn't do it. (24%, 45 Votes)
  • Yes it is wrong. (24%, 45 Votes)
  • I don't really care about amenity kits. (5%, 10 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. (5%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 187

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Voting in the poll ends on April 21, 2015 at midnight EST.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Is It Wrong To Take Amenity Kits When Flying In Coach

  1. I’ve asked for amenity kits before. They usually check first to see if it’s ok. I’ve gotten one or two this way. But I wouldn’t take left over kits unless I asked.

  2. You said you “waited for the flight attendant to walk past us before grabbing the left behind business class amenity kit…”

    Sure sounds like theft to me. Make sure no one sees??

  3. Brian- Can’t disagree here. It is a bit on the shady side but I don’t really feel that it is so wrong on the other hand.

    Violist- Good question. I will ask a couple of FAs that I know what the protocol is for used amenity kits. Another good point is that the kits have been paid for by the person that left it behind…

    James- I don’t really want affirmation. I’ve taken a few regardless of what people think. What I want to know is how others feel on this topic.

    John- Interesting point. I do know though that taking an empty seat in a higher class can definitely lead to trouble (aka arrest possibly) and I’d never consider trying to sit in one.

  4. I view it the same as poaching a empty seat in a higher class. Sure no one is using the seat and it’s just going to waste, but did you pay or receive permission for it?

  5. Sorry to be blunt, but the fact that you even bother asking if it’s wrong tells you everything you need to know. You want affirmation, not poll results.

  6. The question is – what do they do with them if they are unclaimed?
    Do they toss them – if so, maybe I’ll start taking them myself. If they
    keep them to hand out later, the point isn’t so clear. In that case
    it saves the airline some small amount, but will anyone but the top
    management see that savings? I doubt it. In any case, the helping
    clean up the dinner table analogy doesn’t apply because some
    customer has already footed the cost for the kits.

  7. it doesn’t bother me if people do it, but I wouldn’t. There’s something a bit shady about it when you wait for the FA to pass by, make sure no ones looking before you take it. If it’s not wrong, why hide it? That said it is a truly victimless crime. No one is losing based on your gain.

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