Airline Employee Slapped By Passenger Due To Luggage

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image: VietJet Air

I’ve heard of scenarios of air rage like an in-flight fight over a crying baby and we had pilots fight in the cockpit prior to take-off. Oh, and who could forget about the nutty ex-VP of Korean Air.

It’s no wonder that flight attendants want air rage fines raised.

In the latest case of air-rage, it actually was more like airport rage since this time it took place pre-flight while still in the airport.

Why you might ask?

Simply because an airline employee told a VietJet passenger that her luggage was overweight! Talk about another case of the crazies…

The Vietnamese woman, Nguyen Thi Hang “was fined after slapping an airline worker who forced her to weight her luggage” according to Yahoo News.

She had already checked in at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City and was heading to the gate for boarding when she was stopped by an employee of VietJet who asked to weight her bag.

According to Yahoo, “upon looking at the two bags Hang was carrying, the male worker didn’t believe they would fit within regulations. Sure enough, when she put her luggage on the scale, it exceeded the weight limit“.

She then wasted no time in slapping the employee. Officials quickly responded by having Hang sign a paper about the incident as well as giving her a fine of VND7.5 million, around $345 US.

Funny as it sounds, the fine was more than the overweight luggage fee would’ve cost Hang.

I’m guessing that she was allowed to then get on the flight since nothing is stated otherwise.

While it serves her right to have to pay the fine, I’m a bit surprised that she wasn’t immediately arrested and a ban of some sort from flying the airline for some time in the future…

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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