Groupon: 20% Off Local Deals, 10% Off Goods & Getaways

Groupon DealsI used to be a big fan of deal a day sites like Groupon but have been buying from them less and less over the past year or two.

One of my biggest problems with these sites are the expiration dates if I’m buying a deal for a restaurant. I’m not sure why, but I tend to wait until the last-minute to redeem my offers.

Case in point: I bought a deal for a great bialy place in NYC a few months back. Rather than go right away to redeem it, I figured it was best to wait until the weather got a bit nicer out. I waited and waited but we never made it to the shop… I then had to make sure to get to the shop the weekend we got back from our great and exhausting trip to Myanmar just to get a deal on a dozen bialys before the offer expired…

Regardless of this, you can definitely save some $$$ using Groupon and other similar sites.

Besides restaurants and food, Groupon also sell offers categorized as Local Deals, Goods and Getaways.

They are currently running a two-day sale.

During the sale you can save:

  • 20% Off on Local Deals
  • 10% Off on Goods Deals
  • 10% Off on Getaways Deals

You can use the discount for up to 3 deals per category until 4/28/15.

This is definitely a good reason to browse around Groupon and see if there is anything interesting worth purchasing. (Here is a crazy deal I came across a couple of months back which I did not buy.)

Along with this savings you could also click-through cashback and miles/ points earning portals for a further savings when buying a Groupon.

(I usually go with TopCashBack where you can earn 5% -10% cashback on your purchases. If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up for an account through my tell-a-friend link. If you sign up and shop I can earn a small commission.)

Groupon Deals

To get the discount on your deals make sure to use Code: SALE3

If you don’t already have a Groupon account (who doesn’t at this point?), you can sign up through my refer a friend link. I’ll earn a commission if you sign up and make a purchase.

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