Uber To Create 1,000,000 Jobs For Women

Uber Jobs

As much as I don’t like Uber’s surge pricing model, they do seem to try to do a lot of good, giving back to charities and forming other interesting partnerships.

I received an e-mail yesterday from Uber about a new partnership with UN Women about “working together around the world toward a shared vision of equality and women’s empowerment“. 

Uber JobsUber has committed to creating 1,000,000 jobs for women as drivers around the world by 2020. Pretty cool but certainly lofty goals…

They feel that the intended goals can only be achieved “when all women have direct access to safe and equitable earning opportunities“. I’m definitely interesting in hearing about how Uber plans to come out successful in reaching their goals by 2020. I mean 2020 is actually not so far away and 1,000,000 jobs sure does sound like a huge amount to create.

Hopefully Uber will keep us updated on what the partnership with UN Women is accomplishing around the world.

Find out more on the Uber blog here.

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