Korean Air FA To Sue Airline Over Nutty Situation

Korean Air
image: Aero-Shots

I’d be surprised if anyone hadn’t heard about the drama a Korean Air VP caused over macadamia nuts a few months back.

Here are a few posts to jog your memory:

I really thought we had heard the last of this story when the nutty Korean Air VP was sentenced to prison last month.

Well what do you know, macadamia nuts are back in the news!

It now turns out that the flight attendant that took the former Korean Air VP’s abuse over nuts plans to sue.

According to the NY Daily News, flight attendant Don Hee Kim filed a summons in Queens Supreme Court, “seeking damages after (the VP) Cho allegedly hit, shoved and threatened her onboard“.

I find it interesting that the suit was filed in New York and not in South Korea. The incident did happen at JFK airport but it was onboard a Korean Air plane. Considering the former VP Cho was tried and sentenced at home, I’d think that this law suit would, too.

The article also stated that the FA’s lawyer said evidence will show that the former VP’s actions were “not only humiliating, degrading and damaging to Ms. Kim but were also emblematic of Ms. Cho’s unbridled arrogance and disturbing sense of entitlement.”

I’m just wondering what the flight attendant is hoping to get out of this lawsuit? Macadamia nuts for life? A large sum of money? Who knows…

Find out more from the Daily News here.

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