Creepiest Things You Can Do On A Flight

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If I had to bet, I’d guess that we’ve all come across a bunch of strange or odd passengers during flights.

When thinking of this topic, the first thing that came to mind was a guy on my flight home from Dubai. He was laughing as loud as could be while watching a movie. I’m pretty sure that the whole plane could hear his obnoxiously loud laugh! Definitely strange…

I thought about this topic due to a slideshow that I came across from Smarter Travel.

The slideshow takes a look at “that super-creepy flyer” that exists on every flight.

Here is Smarter Travel’s list:

  • Hit On Someone
  • Stare Into Space
  • Utilize Virgin’s Seat-to-Seat Chat
  • Watch Porn
  • Send A Drink
  • Get Wasted
  • Invade Personal Space

I think that overall, Smarter Travel came up with a pretty good list but I wouldn’t consider staring into space to be so creepy. Maybe you’re tired and just can’t focus but you also can’t fall asleep. So you stare into space…

I also thought of another creepy/ strange thing which was left off of this list. How about people who talk to themselves? Just a couple of days back, I noticed this guy sitting in front of me on my flight home from Charleston.

Towards the end of the flight I notice him making weird hand motions and even speaking out loud although he was traveling alone. I peaked up and noticed he was watching a basketball game. So maybe his behavior wasn’t so strange.

I thought it looked really weird as did a couple of girls sitting to my right which were also watching him and laughing about the guy’s actions…

What’s the strangest or creepiest thing you’ve ever seen a passenger do during a flight?

Find out more about Smarter Travel’s “creepy flyer” list here.

6 thoughts on “Creepiest Things You Can Do On A Flight

  1. Joe- Maybe because there is nowhere to run to getaway while on a plane.

    David- ill

    Rich- Exactly!

    Ben E- If a kid does what you describe, it might be annoying to some but it isn’t creepy. But yes, if an adult did that- scary!

  2. Run up and down the isle screaming, bumping into chairs, people and stewards and then sitting down in the middle of the isle when told to go back to their seat.

    Now, if you imagine an adult doing that it’s mental right? Ok, so it was a little toddler but still annoying!

  3. Why is hitting on someone creepy? I’ve dated a handful of women I’ve met on flights or in the airport. Seems like women are more approachable there than most other places.

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