Some Tasty Local Eats At McDonald’s Mexico

mcdonald's mexico

I’ve written many times in the past about how I like to visit McDonald’s while traveling to new places but rarely ever step foot inside a McD’s at home.

I stop by McDonald’s for a couple of reasons.

  1. I love seeing what local or different items might be on the menu.
  2. Sometimes you just want something to eat that is familiar.

During our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I visited McD’s due to reason #1.

While going for a walk around town after dinner, we headed towards the Malecon, Puerto, Vallarta’s boardwalk. I quickly spotted a McDonald’s and decided to check out the dessert window to see what was offered.

I was happily surprised to see an item that I’d never seen before, the Oreo cone!

mcdonald's mexico

Kim and I both ordered a “Cono Oreo” which was a bargain at 10 pesos, around .70¢ US.

When I mentioned Cono Oreo, the cashier was happy to move the lid off of the container to show me the goods.

mcdonald's mexico

I ordered the cone with vanilla ice cream and it was a great snack to have after a busy day. The vanilla ice cream made the cone have the feel of an original Oreo although the taste was quite different.

I liked the Oreo cone. It was pretty light with a nice chocolatey taste although much more subtle than an actual Oreo cookie.
mcdonald's mexico

If you see the Oreo cone as an option at a McDonald’s ever, I’d recommend giving it a try.

mcdonald's mexicoDuring our last day, Kim went out to explore the Malecon and surrounding area for a couple of hours in the early evening hours.

On the way back to our hotel, I had to step inside McDonald’s to see if there were any unique food items on the menu. Would there be a McTaco or McNachos?
mcdonald's mexico

The items I had hoped to see didn’t exist on the menu but Chiliquesos did.

FYI- Chiliquesos means chili cheese if you split the word up.

(There were also potato wedges and a French fries with a cheese powder shaker pack on the menu but we didn’t order those items.)

Before ordering I asked what kind of cheese was inside and was told cheddar. Perfect!

mcdonald's mexicoOur order of Chiliquesos took a few minutes to arrive and I was looking forward to this little pre-dinner snack.

The cheese balls were small and could be eaten in one bite each. However, I had to bite a couple of half to see just what the cheese really looked like inside.

The Chiliqueso balls were slightly crispy on the outside and had a warm chewy cheese inside. At first I didn’t notice any heat but then I finished the second bite I needed water. The cheese wasn’t really spicy but I breathed in what seemed like spicy fumes…

I tried the Chiliquesos with BBQ sauce and it was a good combination. The sauce also did well to kill off the small amount of heat these cheese balls put out.

I’d definitely order this dish again if I came across it at another McDonald’s.

Overall, both McDonald’s Mexico menu items were definitely enjoyable.

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