An Inflight Marriage Proposal

marriage proposal
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Recently there has been some interesting stuff going on high up in the sky during flights.

We recently had:

An Alaska Air flight attendant got the biggest inflight surprise of her life!

The plane was flying from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska when flight attendant, Brandy Hollenbeck was surprised by her boyfriend’s announcement over the plane’s PA system.

Her boyfriend, Eric Greener, (a pilot with the airline) “hid in the flight deck jump seat” and the “flights other attendants were in on the secret” according to ABC News. He decided the best place for a marriage proposal was at the workplace- at 34,000 feet.

While Brandy was serving the passengers coffee, Greener starting telling a story about the time they met. At first she didn’t even pay attention to the announcement but once she realized, Greener came out “the couple kissed, she said yes, and he slipped a ring on her finger” according to ABC News.

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