Wrong Passenger Onboard, Plane Returns to Hong Kong

Flight Safety
image: Aero Shots

In this post 9/11 day and age I can’t imagine how a passenger could get on the wrong flight but that’s exactly what happened.

An Asiana plane flying to Incheon, South Korea had to turn back to Hong Kong after it was discovered that a wrong passenger was onboard.

The plane was carrying 259 passengers and had to turn around while flying over Taiwan.

The mistaken passenger is supposedly from South Korea. He should’ve  been flying on a Jeju Air flight to Incheon. The correct flight was supposed to leave 40 minutes after the one that the passenger boarded.

The passenger was going to be questioned at the airport in Hong Kong when the plane returned.

Unless the passenger had an Asiana boarding pass how could he possibly have been allowed to board the plane? Hopefully the police investigation will answer some questions and help increase flight safety/ boarding procedures at this airport.

Find out more from ABC News here.

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