Upcoming Family Press Trip To Puerto Vallarta #PVPresstrip

family travelIn late January I was happy to get an e-mail about an upcoming family travel blogger press trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

After checking out the itinerary, I was definitely interested in experiencing a trip of this sort along with sharing the experience with you.

Tomorrow, Kim and I will be heading to Puerto Vallarta to find out about and experience some of the top family attractions & things to do in the city.

So long as WiFi permits (and I have space on my phone), I’ll be tweeting from time to time with #pvpresstrip and #famtimepv to share some photos of what’s going on. (There might also be a Twitter Party with a giveaway if time permits.)

While the bulk of my writing doesn’t focus on family travel, just about all of my travel does. Would I consider myself a family travel blogger? Yes, I do but I also like to touch on many other topics…

The trip sounds like a great opportunity which I’m really excited for. The only negative I could come up with is that Lucas won’t be joining us.

Back in September, Kim and I headed to Las Vegas for BAcon, the BoardingArea Conference. This was our first time leaving Lucas home. I found it hard traveling without my little guy but a conference in Vegas wasn’t the place for him…

This time around, we’ll be away a bit longer. Heck who knows- maybe we’ll come home wanting to re-visit Puerto Vallarta when Lucas learns to swim!

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Family Press Trip To Puerto Vallarta #PVPresstrip

  1. All I ever think of when I see or hear about Puerto Vallarta, is the Love Boat, they were always going there 😉 HA! Have fun! -Kim

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