2015 Best Family Adventures

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Image: Courtesy of Travel Channel

The Travel Channel  came up with a list of Best Family Adventures for 2015, getting some help from some top family travel experts.

Their list features 10 places and mixes up a good variety of locations around the world. However, four of the places are located in North America, three of them in the good, old USA.

While looking over Travel Channel’s list, I saw a bunch of places that I’d love to go as well as some familiar ones. I’ve been to four of the places on the list but only one of them was with Lucas.

Here is the Travel Channel’s picks:

  • Alaska
  • Argentina
  • Chicago
  • Ecuador- Galapagos Islands
  • Montana- Glacier National Park
  • Panama City
  • Peru
  • St Lucia- Kids Sea Camp
  • Tofino, British Columbia
  • Tokyo

From the list above, I’ve been to Chicago, Panama City, Peru and Tokyo. Lucas had a great time visiting Tokyo during our trip to Japan. I’d say Tokyo (and the rest of Japan) is a great place to bring a kid of any age. We found it to be super family friendly. From the expansive train system, to the food (Lucas loved the ice cream and noodles) to the friendly and welcoming people, Japan remains one of our favorite countries that we’ve visited with our little guy!

I’d love to visit Alaska and the Galapagos Islands one of these days but it seems like a big part of a visit includes being on a boat which doesn’t work so well for me. I’ve read about land-based trip to the Galapagos which I’d like to do in the future.

Kim and I have also considered traveling to Argentina and St Lucia in the past and I’m sure we’ll get to both of them at some point soon.

While we’ll go just about anywhere with Lucas, it’s nice to read about some places to consider for future family adventures!

Find out about each of Travel Channel’s best family adventures here.

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