Double Welcome Rewards Night Fail, I’ll Take the $100 Credit Welcome Rewards

A few weeks back I wrote about a targeted offer from where I could earn double Welcome Rewards nights on a minimum two night stay.

The offer came at a great time since we were looking to book rooms for our upcoming Spring Break trip to Asia. is a good place to turn when you’re looking to book rooms which aren’t part of the big chains…

There was only a small 2 – 3 day window open to use the coupon code and we waited until the last night to give it a try. The offer seemed simple enough but this would not be the case.

Kim and I found a room with great reviews for the first 3 nights at $54 per night. With my double rewards offer this was supposed to earn me 6 nights towards getting a free night which is 60% of the way there.

As luck would have it, when I entered the code nothing happened. I tried again and I got some sort of error message.

I decided to call and the rep encountered the same issues as me. Great…

After being placed on hold, I was told that I could book the hotel over the phone. After the booking he would then transfer me to a supervisor that could then apply the code to my booking.

The only issue with this was losing my 7% back from TopCashBack. (If you sign up through my link, I’ll earn a referral bonus.)

I made the booking and was then transferred to what I thought was a supervisor. When I explained why I was transferred, the rep had no clue what I was referring to! Lucky me…

This new rep told me how the code would not work so I threatened to cancel my booking unless it was worked out. After not really getting anywhere, I asked for a supervisor.

The supervisor wasn’t much help either… I heard lots of apologies but this wasn’t getting my double Welcome Rewards code applied to my booking!

I heard lots of excuses about how it won’t work due to the terms. However, I had the e-mail opened up and read the terms which mentioned no such restrictions.

I was then offered a $25 credit which I turned down immediately.

I explained how losing double rewards was worth more than $25 and if the code wasn’t applied to my booking, I’d cancel the reservation. I got a few more apologies and things just didn’t seem to be going my way.

Then I got an offer which I couldn’t refuse!

The supervisor wanted to know if a $100 credit would be fair? Hmm, let me think about this for a second- Yes it would!

If I received 6 nights (out of 10 needed for a free night) based on spending $54 per night, I’d most likely receive a free night worth not much more than $54. (That’s based on the fact that most of our bookings are with cheaper properties.)

Sure enough, an e-mail arrived with my $100 credit, just like the supervisor promised. I’m hoping that this will get us two free nights on our upcoming trip.

What would you rather have- double Welcome Rewards nights for up to 3 nights or the $100 credit? I think it’s a no-brainer…

One thought on “ Double Welcome Rewards Night Fail, I’ll Take the $100 Credit

  1. Interesting story.

    I having been booking with this company for some time now and generally speaking have found them good to deal with

    Where they fall down very badly, is in the amount of hotels where you can redeem your “free” nights

    I seldom if ever manage to redeem nights where I want to stay

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