Visiting the 6th Smallest Country In the World… Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Tourism

Back in November 2013 when the Wideroe mistake fares popped up we booked three flights to Europe at amazing prices. For our first trip, we headed to Oslo. Our other 2 flights were booked for ridiculously low prices to Milan. While we didn’t plan to spend much time in Milan, we booked immediately leaving the planning to be determined once we were officially ticketed and going on the trips.

For our second trip, we decided to do things a bit differently. We did a lot of research and came up with A Quick Euro-Roadtrip where we visited 3 Countries In 4.5 Days.

During our Quick Euro-Roadtrip, I finally go to visit a country that I’ve long wanted to step foot in- Liechtenstein!

I’ve tried figuring out a way to get to this tiny, double-landlocked nation during previous trips to Europe but it just never seemed to work out or be the right time… until now.

Here is a recap of our visit!

Liechtenstein Tourism
Gutenberg Castle- Balzers

We left from the Lake Como area of Italy and drove through the Swiss Alps to reach Liechtenstein. The drive was really interesting & scenic and the 3 hour drive seemed to go by pretty fast.

While reading into Liechtenstein, I can’t say that there seemed to be any sites or experiences that could be considered as must-do. What I took from my reading was that Liechtenstein was small enough to drive around in about a day and no two sites seemed to be more than 30-40 minutes apart as long as you have a car.

Here are our favorite experiences from the visit:

  • Visiting the castles
  • Enjoying the scenic views
  • Wandering around Vaduz

The Castles:

Liechtenstein tourism
Jumping @ Castle Ruins of Schellenberg

We really loved checking out the Castle of Schellenberg. The only problem we had was finding it! (We did have a GPS but it kept sending us the wrong way.) While driving around we came across another castle ruin which seemed to be on private property. We then drove around a bit before finally finding a person to ask for directions. Better signage would probably do the site some justice!

Once we parked our rental car, the ruins were a bit of a walk down a dirt road. When we arrived, the ruins sure were a sight to see. Although they aren’t much more than exterior walls, it is still really impressive. To go inside, you need to walk up a hill and then walk across a wooden bridge.

One of the most surprising things about our visit was that we weren’t the only ones there. The site wasn’t crowded but there were a handful of other visitors at the site.

Liechtenstein Tourism
Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle is the home to the Prince of Liechtenstein. It can be seen high up from various points around town.

When we drove up the steep and winding road, the castle was quite impressive to see up close. Lots of people were around taking photos and walking up and down the road. The big problem with Vaduz Castle is that you are not allowed inside. So you aren’t getting much more than a nice view when visiting.

Awesome views:

Liechtenstein is a small, beautiful alpine country with great views all around. Here are a view of my favorite shots.

Liechtenstein Tourism
Views from Schellenberg
Liechtenstein Tourism
Liechtenstein Tourism
Old Bridge Over the Rhine, Vaduz

Vaduz & a couple of interesting museums:

Liechtenstein Tourism
The Government Buildings in Vaduz

Besides Vaduz Castle, the government buildings in Vaduz were nice to see and can probably be considered symbols of the city. The buildings are located in a small pedestrian square which was nice for a short stroll.

The large building behind me in the photo is the government building which was completed in 1905. I found the most interesting part of the building to be its roof.

The triangular-shaped building (to the left) is the parliament building which has been in use since 2008.

Liechtenstein Tourism
Liechtenstein National Museum

I was really impressed with the Liechtenstein National Museum.

The museum packs a lot of information and interesting displays into the building which is worth a two-hour visit.  We learned about Liechtenstein’s history and the culture of the country which was pretty interesting.

Liechtenstein Tourism
Critters @ Liechtenstein National Museum
Liechtenstein Tourism
A coloring break at the National Museum

The most impressive part of the museum was on the second floor. They have a large collection of taxidermy showing the species and animals that can be or used to be found in the country. Lucas enjoyed the coloring table best during our visit.

Liechtenstein Tourism
Postage Stamp Museum

A few doors down from the National Museum is the Postage Stamp Museum. While I’m not into stamp collecting, it was worthy of a quick stop since (from what I recall) stamps are a big deal in the country.

The museum is free to enter and isn’t more than a room with a bunch of displays.

Not so surprisingly, the main item on display are stamps issued by Liechtenstein. The displays also give a good history of the country’s postal service and also has other postal items and machinery inside.

Overall, I really enjoyed our quick visit to Liechtenstein. If time wasn’t an issue, I would’ve liked to have had two full days to visit some other architectural sites and spent more time at places we did visit.

It can be a bit of a pain to get to Liechtenstein, but I felt it was definitely worth the effort to get a taste of what the country has to offer!

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