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Visiting the 6th Smallest Country In the World… Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Tourism

Back in November 2013 when the Wideroe mistake fares popped up we booked three flights to Europe at amazing prices. For our first trip, we headed to Oslo. Our other 2 flights were booked for ridiculously low prices to Milan. While we didn’t plan to spend much time in Milan, we booked immediately leaving the planning to be determined once we were officially ticketed and going on the trips.

For our second trip, we decided to do things a bit differently. We did a lot of research and came up with A Quick Euro-Roadtrip where we visited 3 Countries In 4.5 Days.

During our Quick Euro-Roadtrip, I finally go to visit a country that I’ve long wanted to step foot in- Liechtenstein! Continue reading Visiting the 6th Smallest Country In the World… Liechtenstein

3 Countries In 4.5 Days, Our Quick Euro Roadtrip

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.42.21 PM

We got back from our Quick Euro Roadtrip a couple of weeks ago and it’s time to share what we did. We had an awesome time, which had a lot to do with everything running smoothly especially after the weather at home almost made the trip not happen.

Our trip, which only came about due to an amazing airfare to Milan was saved thanks to Wideroe chat which helped us change our flight to leave a day earlier than originally planned.

The flight (in coach) was comfortable enough except for the feeling of knees in my back from the passenger behind me a bunch of times. Kim seemed to have the same problem too. Lucas did great. Other then getting a bit fidgety sitting in his seat  (in his CARES harness) while the plane was stuck at the gate for a bit longer than expected, he enjoyed the flight and slept most of the time. Otherwise, the flight wasn’t memorable besides catching an excellent movie- Captain Phillips

Our ride- Fiat 500L

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Trip Planning: A Quick Euro Roadtrip

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.42.21 PMLast month Kim, Lucas and I took a quick trip to Oslo, Norway thanks to an awesome mistake fare from Wideroe. While the fares were hot (low), I managed to book 3 trips for us at amazing prices.

I am writing this trip planning post from my room in Lake Como, Italy. I usually like to write about upcoming trips/ trip planning before we go away. However, due to an upcoming potential storm in the NY area, I was able to get my flight switched and we flew a day early.

We booked a really cheap, round trip flight to Milan with little intention to stay in the area. I started looking over a map of the area and came up with an ambitious (for traveling with a 2-year-old), Mini Euro-Roadtrip itinerary.

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