Private Jets Of The Rich & Famous

celebrity private jets
Throne on Saudi Prince’s A380

While travel for most of us means heading to the airport, waiting on long lines, possibly stopping by an airport lounge before a flight and then cramming into our seats, how do the rich and famous travel to their destinations?

My first thought would be upfront, in first or business class.

This is the likely way that most do fly but there are some that do things a bit differently.

The Daily Mail took a look “Inside the Private Jets of the Rich and Famous”.

The costs and look of some of these planes are pretty insane. Does one individual really need to own a private planes costing somewhere in the range of $35-$100 million dollars?!

One Saudi price even owns a plane which could seat 800 people- his own A380 (at a cost of $487 million!) I don’t know how many people fly with him but I could only imagine how much fuel is wasted flying well below capacity.

Some of the famous figures mentioned in the article are even pilots- Harrison Ford and John Travolta.

Here are some Private Jets Owned By the Rick & Famous:

celebrity private jetsHarrison Ford– Cessna 680, cost: $18,000,000 (owns 8 planes total)

celebrity private jets

Donald Trump– Boeing 757, cost:  $95,800,000

celebrity private jets

Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion & Steven Spielberg– Bombardier Global Express XRS, cost: $42,000,000

celebrity private jets

Tiger Woods– Gulfstream G550- cost: $53,500,000

celebrity private jets

Tom Cruise– Gulfstream IV- cost: $36,000,000

Could you imagine owning your own private jet? Oh the places we could really go…

Find out more info and check out the planes of other “rich and famous” here.

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  1. Fun and interesting post. Thanks. I good followup would be a post about how much per hour the planes cost to operate. I’m sure that makes a big difference when shopping for a plane along with flight range.

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