United MileagePlus Shopping: 250 Easy Bonus Miles- Targeted

united mileage plus shopping

Shopping portals can be a great way to earn extra miles or points for purchases that we had already planned to make…

Here is a nice little bonus offer that I received for Lucas which can be earned through MileagePlus Shopping.

With this offer, Lucas can earn 250 bonus United miles for making just one purchase. This sounds simple enough. I just need to find something that we need to buy! (That shouldn’t be too hard though.)

Last month I made a purchase through Lucas’ United account with MileagePlus Shopping and (according to the e-mail offer that I received) that is what triggered this offer.

250 miles might not sound like much but every little bit helps.

Last year, Lucas earned over 24,000 miles United miles from flying three flights to Europe which I bought due to the Wideroe mistake fares. I’d like to get his account to 25,000 miles. I then plan to transfer some points to his account when the times comes, to book a flight.

This offer is targeted and we only have one week to make a purchase. (I received the offer yesterday, 1/14 and it is good until 1/21/15.)

According to the e-mail from MileagePlus Shopping, “returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus.  Any shopping and miles earned at iTunes through MileagePlus Shopping will not be eligible“.

Have any of you received a targeted portal bonus offer from MileagePlus Shopping? If so, let us know what you received in the comments below.

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