5 of 6 Uber Bases Shut Down (and Re-Open) In NYC

Uber New York City

Uber continues to make the news for negative reasons. This time Uber had 5 out of their 6 bases shut down in New York City by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) for failing to supply requested info.

I didn’t hear about this but luckily Kim sent this bit of news over to me.

The TLC  requested that Uber submit their driver’s electronic trip records which include “the date of trip, time of trip, pick up location, and license numbers” according to Gothamist. They also wanted Uber to pay a $200 fine for each of the suspended NYC bases.

Uber refused to supply these details saying that “sharing such things would violate its privacy rights, give up trade secrets, and divulge the personal info of drivers”.

The TLC said that other independent taxi bases including Lyft had shared this info. Uber  continued to operate, having drivers all work out of the last remaining base.

From the Gothamist article, “Uber continues to operate legally in New York City, with tens of thousands of partner drivers and hundreds of thousands of riders relying on the Uber platform for economic opportunity and safe, reliable rides” which was said in a statement.”

Uber stated that the suspension would not affect their services.

The day after the shut down, Uber filed an appeal and they were given a temporary license to reopen until an appeal decision is reached according to the New York Post.

This seems like it will be an ongoing issue. I’m curious to see what happens with the appeal decision.

If they lose, will Uber agree to hand over the requested information? If Uber wins, will the TLC back off or request the info again at a later date…

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