Super Bowl Rentals That Cost Thousands Or Stay In A Tesla

The Super Bowl
$1950 per night on Airbnb

This coming Sunday the Super Bowl will be playing on probably the majority of televisions in America.

Last week I wrote about flights being added + prices rising for the big game.

With so many fans pouring into town, where does everybody stay? There are supposedly not enough hotel rooms to house these people for the week or so leading up to the Super Bowl.

Some people are deciding to charge crazy amounts of money to rent out their homes to strangers on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway according to Curbed.

According to Curbed, “the 15 hotels in the vicinity of the NFL stadium are hardly enough for the estimated 700,000 fans… Luckily, local residents have stepped up to the task“.

There are now tons of properties up for rent in the area which are usually just these people’s homes. There is even a house from former NFL star quarterback Kurt Warner up for rent at a ridiculous price- $150K- $400K for one week.

Curbed decided to share 10 Ultra-Basic Super Bowl Rentals That Cost Thousands A Night with us.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Super BowlA relative bargain compared to most others on this list at $1,000 per night. The bar area looks a bit like a dungeon.

The Super Bowl Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner’s home. Priced from $150K per week  & up.

The Super Bowl Eight bedrooms for $10,000 per night. The house does look amazing but look at the price.

There are some other beautiful properties for rent as well as well as others that don’t look too hot.

Find out more in the article from Curbed here.

UPDATE: If all of the properties mentioned above are out of your price range, now you can spend a night in a luxurious electric car. One man is offering his Tesla with an air mattress set up in the trunk at $85 for the night! Find out more from here.

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