Terrorism In Paris= Less Tourists

France Tourism
image: AP Photo- Jacques Brinon

Just a little under two weeks back Paris was under attack by terrorists.

In all, 17 innocent victims lost their lives and three terrorists were killed by the French police. Since the attacks, there have been raids in various European cities with many arrests made.

It sounds petty to wonder or care about how these attacks have affected tourism in Paris, but it is still an interesting topic to take a look at.

According to an article from the Associated Press, “swarms of sightseers have thinned below Paris’ most visited monument, baring the dull concrete of the giant plaza“.

The article also mentions have the long lines that usually are found at this famous monument are a fraction of the usual length.

The AP didn’t get actual stats related to decreasing tourism figures to come to this conclusion but did so based on “visits to major sites and interviews with vendors indicated an initial drop in visitors“.

While many tourists are staying away from Paris, others are still deciding to visit. One Guatemalan tourist even said “for me it’s good because I didn’t have to wait too long“.

Would you be less inclined to take a trip to Paris right now due to the recent terrorist attacks? I can see both sides of the story and am not really sure how I feel.

Generally speaking, I don’t think these attacks would keep me away, but I’m also not in any hurry to visit.

Find out more about the story from the AP here.

5 thoughts on “Terrorism In Paris= Less Tourists

  1. Andy – not sure what your problem with the article is. Well I guess you said what…I just disagree with why. The writer addresses this situation appropriately while also asking a question related to the reason this blog exists.
    You’re entitled to your opinion…but it’s my opinion that you’re being unfairly critical.

  2. Mikel- I think you have a good feel of things needed to be considered. If tourists stay away, it might also be looked at another way that the terrorists got the best of these awful events.

    Denise L- Definitely a good idea and go with your gut. If you’re not comfortable visiting, then change your plans…

    Andy- I am not really getting what makes this post insensitive. Where did I mention these events might make a visit to Paris better for me? Your comment is rude and I don’t think there is much more to it.

  3. Seeing as you ask… Personally I think the situation of people lying in the morgue, and leaving shattered lives of their families and loved ones in the name of “religion” or whatever “reason” is deeply sad. A post like this is just insensitive and who cares whether it’s better for you or anyone else to visit? This is not your first seemingly selfish, insensitive post either is it Michael?

  4. We have a trip to Paris and southern France scheduled for spring break in April. As of now, we are still planning on going. But I am constantly watching the news for updates.

  5. I would be more inclined to visit. It’s a weird thing though – on the one hand I would feel a little guilty about “taking advantage” of the opportunity to enjoy Paris with fewer crowds and probably a bit less expensively than it would normally be. On the other hand, the merchants need the tourist business to survive, so by visiting I would be doing them a service. I think the good of visiting outweighs the bad.

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