$908 Cab Ride & Passenger Would Uber Again

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I’ve read and written about quite a few pricey Uber rides caused by Surge Pricing but this has to be the priciest ride that I’ve come acroos to date…

An Ole Miss football fan was in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl on December 31. Not only did his team get destroyed in a 42-3 loss, he also went on possibly the most costly Uber ride ever.

The fan, Joseph Martin fell asleep during an Uber ride which was on the way to a party. He woke up in Alabama while on the way to an address in Mississippi.

With news of the story spreading on social media, Martin contacted Fox Sport’s Outkick the Coverage college football blog to clear up the story.

Here are some details about what happened.

Martin left the Peach Bowl soon after halftime. He says that he started in the morning with mimosas and didn’t stop all day. He was with his sister all day and they also went to a New Year’s Eve party.

He left the party with some friends and took his sister back to the hotel. After walking her to the room, he got back in the Uber car and asked his friends the address for the after party. They said they gave the address to the driver which he confirmed.

Martin says that he didn’t leave the party drunk and put a Mississippi address into the Uber app. He said “It was one of the other members of the car that talked to the driver. I assumed they knew the address of the party, which was only about 8-10 miles away“.

After falling asleep during the ride, he was woken up by his phone and didn’t realize the car was driving for an hour and a half! The other 3 passengers were also asleep.

Martin woke up a female passenger and asked what address they were supposed to be going to. When she told Martin and the driver the address, it didn’t match up with the one in the driver’s phone.

The ride took Joseph Martin from Atlanta to Alabama and back, costing him his Christmas bonus.

Martin says that Uber has been very helpful and “he wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again”.

Crazy story, right? Could you imagine waking up in a cab to the tune of a $900+ charge!

Find out more from Fox Sports here.

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