Wrong To Sign Kids Up for Loyalty Programs When Under Age?

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Fellow BoardingArea blogger Gary of View From the Wing posted about getting 2,000 free IHG Rewards Club Points for signing up for a new account yesterday.

Since Kim and I have been members of IHG Rewards Club for year, this offer didn’t apply to us, however it did for Lucas.

I figured that if Lucas got 2,000 points just for signing up, I could probably figure out a way to get him another 3,000 points. (Earn from dining, transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards if necessary etc…) This would get us enough points to eventually use for an IHG Pointsbreak night.

I decided to go ahead and sign Lucas up for an account.

I filled out the form but when I got to the bottom I saw the terms and conditions that needed to be checked off to join the program.

According to the T&Cs you need to certify that you are at least 18 years old and of lawful age.

What to do, what to do???

hotel loyalty program

Lucas is going to be turning 3 in January so he’s got some time until he turns 18 and qualifies for an IHG Rewards Club account. Since IHG didn’t ask for his birthday, I still decided to sign him up.

After signing him up I wondered a couple of things:

  1. Was it wrong to not follow the T&Cs and sign Lucas up?
  2. Is it fair that IHG is excluding those under 18 from joining?  I mean, what if someone wanted to gift Lucas a free night at an IHG property!

What are your thoughts on the topic?

If you’re not already a member of the IHG Rewards Club, you can enroll here and get 2,000 bonus points for signing up.

7 thoughts on “Wrong To Sign Kids Up for Loyalty Programs When Under Age?

  1. Denise L- Thanks for the comment. It is hard when it comes to these scenarios.

    DaninMCI- Thanks for the reminder about the other ways to earn some easy points. I definitely see your point about it being wrong.

    Carl P- Great points but I’m not so sure that IHG is reading my blog!

    Points with a crew- If you’re not concerned about the T&Cs then go for it! Look at 2K as 40% of the way to a Points Break night. If you decide to get the rest of the points (I’m not sure if I will bother for Lucas or not), it won’t be so hard.

    Darth Chocolate- Interesting perspective but a bit harsh, no? I did sign him up but am not sure yet if I will bother trying to add to the initial 2K. It seemed like a good idea late at night. From what I’ve heard, many have multiple accounts, I don’t. We all do some things that may or may not be totally right. Ever book a mistake fare? Churn those credit cards???

    Darth is a $@#*- Your comment had be cracking up! I have to agree with your point that it is just points but… Isn’t getting pooped on by a bird considered good luck?

  2. It is wrong. You were wrong; for starters, you lied. Then you admitted it on a blog. It’s not like they don’t have people checking these things.

    The problem is that he is a minor. The issue is that if one can transfer points between accounts, you just scammed them.

    Since the T&C’s probably do not require the enrollee to be a person, why not register your dogs, cats, and other pets?

    It would serve you right if IHG tracked you down and cancelled not only the kid’s points, but your account as well as your wife’s.

    1. Darth, you need to relax. It’s just points. For not being so nice, I hope you get pooped on by a bird. Serves YOU right for being a douche. I just signed up my garage can to get 2000 pts! Woohoo!

  3. I didn’t sign up any of my 6 kids, though I thought about it (for the same reasons). The T&C wouldn’t stop me, but I’m just trying to figure out if it would actually be worth it. How am I going to get enough points in their accounts to actually matter?

    I mean I know that the IHG points don’t expire, but still…

  4. I doubt if many three year olds would be able to get a hotel room on their own, so IHG knows it would just be the parents trying to get points not rightfully theirs if they allowed it. Of course they have no way to catch you (unless you blog about it and tell them).

  5. Yes it’s wrong as you would have to lie to sign him up. I’m not trying to be hard core but it just is. Yes I’ve done some stuff like that so I’m not being a hypocrite. I’m just saying. My 19 year old son is being signed up for this. He was also a member of US Airways during the Grand Slam days but I’m not sure that was Kosher either.

    Oh and if you do sign up as a new member don’t forget all the old surveys, visa video, etc. that can only be done once and as they add 1000’s to accounts.

  6. I tend to follow the rules (since I expect the hotel to do the same) so I have never signed my daughter up for promos with easy points. But I know it is tempting.

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