SkyMiles Dining 1,000 Bonus Miles Offer

Delta SkyMiles Dining

After offering a “Mega” Bonus opportunity for dining last month (dine out 10 times & spend $40 or more to earn 10,000 bonus miles), Delta has come back with a more attainable (yet less lucrative) bonus offer.

With this new offer, I’ve been selected to have the opportunity to earn a bonus of 1,000 miles for only 3 dines.

Just like the older offer, once you register for it you must complete your dines within 30 days. $40 needs to be spent per dine including tax and tip. However, dines must be done at restaurants that you’ve never visited before.

FYI-  never doesn’t exactly mean what you’d think. SkyMiles Dining considers a restaurant that you haven’t dined at in the past 24 months as counting towards never being visited…

Delta SkyMiles Dining

To earn the bonus, a survey must also be completed within 30 days of each dine.

Once you register, you have 30 days to complete your dines at 3 new restaurants. All dines must be completed by December 31, 2014.

If you spend the minimum amount, you’d have to spend $120 for 1,000 bonus miles. This would make the dining bonus come to 8.333 miles per dollar spent.

Did you receive a new dining bonus from Delta? If so was it the same one that I received or (hopefully) something better?

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