Baseball Legend Curt Schilling’s Son Causes Bomb Scare At Airport

Curt Schilling
image: CNN

Former MLB pitcher and World Series hero Curt Schilling’s son caused a little scare this morning at Boston’s Logan Airport.

According to Yahoo News, while standing on a security line, one of his three sons mentioned that he had left a fake grenade in his bag. Schilling has three sons ages 12, 15 and 19. The story says that Schilling didn’t mention which son it was.

Once airport security heard the comment, Yahoo says “airport officials immediately called upon security protocol to secure the scene and make sure a real threat wasn’t playing out. That included a bomb squad being brought to the scene to check the bag and give clearance“.

The Schilling family were taken aside to a private room to explain exactly what was going on. The situation was confirmed by an airport representative but said no delays were caused to do this.

The article also mentioned that Schilling shared what was going on through Twitter.

Check out the Tweets below: (Images from Yahoo)

Curt Schilling Curt Schilling Talk about a crazy way to start your day at the airport!

Find out more about the story from Yahoo Sports here.

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