Amex Target Pain, Major JetBlue Changes, $2000 IHG Free Night, MLB Son’s Airport Bomb Scare & More- The Rehash!


As we get closer to Thanksgiving so does another Black Friday and more importantly another Small Business Saturday. I hope that you’ve all registered your American Express cards by now.

I hope that you all have a nice holiday and for those of you traveling, that you don’t get stuck in much traffic or get delayed at the airport.

It’s time again for a recap of the week’s past posts (for those of you that missed some) in the latest edition of The Rehash!

Earning loads of miles through manufactured spend is tough in the NYC area. An easy option that I don’t use frequently, the American Express Target Card Becoming A Pain.

Find out about the 10 most romantic islands in the world.

Last week Kim and I got to attend a pretty awesome event. While there we met some great people and had a blast Getting a “taste” of United’s new Newark Airport Experience.

The biggest news of the week was from JetBlue. The usually customer friendly airline is making some big changes. Find out about them in my post, JetBlue to charge for Terra Blues(They’re not, it’s a joke.) And then take a look at how JetBlue responds to my Terra Blues post.

There can be loads of value in annual free hotel nights from credit cards. Find out about the crazy free IHG anniversary free night we’re not booking.

This list is a bit surprising and I wonder how accurate it is. Check out the Most visited tourist attractions in the world.

Some crazy/ interesting news that I came across late last night. Baseball legend Curt Schilling’s son causes bomb scare at airport.

There were some other new posts which you can check out in my Travel News, Deals and Offers post.

Keep checking back for more new daily posts. There will be a giveaway starting at some time during this week which you won’t want to miss out on entering.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Amex Target Pain, Major JetBlue Changes, $2000 IHG Free Night, MLB Son’s Airport Bomb Scare & More- The Rehash!

  1. Sam- Thanks for your advice… Obviously we tell them how much to load and grilling them sounds a bit much…Who would create a scene over this? It’s best to be polite and thankful. Being rude won’t get you far.

  2. here is my advice

    when you load this, YOU MUST BE THE CHARGE, TAKING THE LEAD!
    YOu tell them how much to load and instruct the low information agent.
    If they can’t do it or tell you they can’t. GRILL THEM, ASK THEM TO SHOW THEIR COMPUTER.

    If the agents are still rude and wants to argue, LEAVE THE STORE . DON’T CREATE A SCENE! You maybe be banned if you create a scene

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