Video: Reporter’s Ultimate Experience Flying Singapore Suites Class

image:Screen Capture from Singapore Air Suites video

There was recently lots of talk about a viral post about What It’s Like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class. The post was a pretty fascinating read however there was a lot of controversy involving plagiarism and the stealing of other people’s photos.

One such blogger that called out the writer of the viral post was Prior2Boarding blog Andy’s Travel Blog. Check out his review of suites class here and his post thanking the people of Singapore, Reddit and the world for supporting him here.

While I don’t aspire to fly Suite’s Class, it is still pretty interesting to see the discrepancy between coach to suites. (While we’ve flown business and first a bunch of times, we’re typically coach flyers. We fly coach so we can stretch our miles to go on more trips.)

I think from the posts listed/ linked to above we can get a very good idea (in photos) of what Singapore Suites Class is like but wouldn’t it be nice to see some video footage?

ABC News correspondent Alexander Marquardt had an incredible time flying in Singapore Airline’s Suites Class. Tickets usually go for around $15,000.

In the video, Marquardt said “we wanted to experience the suites for ourselves, so the airline gave us tickets to fly from New York’s JFK to Frankfurt”. Talk about a sweet deal.

He shows what the experience is like, from “being whisked ahead of the long snaking lines at security and then getting escorted to the plane”.  My favorite part of the piece was seeing the tuck-in service. It looked a bit awkward when Marquardt was tucked in by one of the Singapore Air flight attendants.

Another good nugget was his take on the worst part of the flight- landing!

Check out the ABC News video for yourself:

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What do you think about Singapore Airlines Suites Class? Is it something you’d love to experience or a bit ridiculous and over the top?

If Singapore Airlines wants to invite me to do a review of Suites Class I’d be more than happy to. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be stepping foot in a suite at any time in the future…

View the video and see the segment transcript here.

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