10000 “Mega” Bonus Miles- Delta Dining

Delta SkyMiles Dining is offering a “Mega 10,000 Bonus Miles” for dining out in a new offer that I received yesterday.

When I read the subject I was interested in finding out more about the offer but soon realized that it was pretty much the same offer I had received over the summer from United Dining.

10,000 bonus miles sounds like a very tempting offer to go for. However I lost enthusiasm once I saw what kind of spend was required.

In this targeted offer I would need to dine out 10 times at any SkyMiles Dining restaurant, bar or club by November 10 and complete a survey about each restaurant within 30 days. This gives me a little over one month to complete this offer which is pretty much impossible. I almost forgot to add, along with dining out 10X, I would also need to spend a minimum of $40 each time.

I’ve stated many times in the past that when searching for¬†restaurants which participate in dining programs, not many really interest me close to home. Add a $40 minimum into this equation and it equals an almost impossible bonus offer for me to bother going for.

Again, this is a targeted offer and registration is necessary-¬†“This bonus offer is by invitation only for select existing SkyMiles Dining members“.

Did you receive a targeted “mega bonus” offer from Delta SkyMiles Dining? If so, what did you receive and do you plan to go for the bonus?

If you didn’t receive this targeted dining offer and wan to try to register for it, you can do so here.¬†I wouldn’t count on it working but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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3 thoughts on “10000 “Mega” Bonus Miles- Delta Dining

  1. My offer was for 7,500. I had been a very heavy user of this program that has recently backed down from using it. It is interesting that my offer was lower.

  2. Rob- I had this offer for United a few months back and didn’t bother going for it. Did you earn the bonus from AA?

    vc3- I agree! It is interesting to see the variety of offers we all receive.

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