Special Delivery From Lufthansa

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A couple of weeks back I wrote about a prize that I won from Lufthansa in a Twitter contest.

I’ve had pretty good luck winning some travel- related prizes through Twitter over the past year or so. It never hurts to enter a contest when it takes little effort to enter. Plus if you aren’t in it, you definitely can’t win it!

So what did I win from Lufthansa? Well it wasn’t a free trip or anything along those lines but I still think that it’s pretty neat.

In recent years I’ve been hearing a lot about a collectible item that Lufthansa gives visitors to their First Class Terminal and Lounges. I haven’t had the opportunity to fly in Lufthansa First or visit one of these lounges…

I also wasn’t about to spend good money to buy one through sites like ebay.

Here is a couple of photos of my prize:

a yellow rubber duck with a crown
My King Duck

I won a Lufthansa First Class Terminal rubber duck! I was hoping that it wouldn’t just be an ordinary duck with a Lufthansa logo stamped on it and luckily it wasn’t. I received what I feel is the king of all ducks!

a yellow rubber duck with a crown
Pretty cool. Right?

All along I was planning to give this little ducky to Lucas but I can’t do it. At least not yet. With Lufthansa ducks being as collectible as they are and with some selling for over $100, this guy will stay in my airline souvenir junk collection for now.

Maybe when Lucas is a little older it will be passed off to him.

Besides Lucas already has some pretty cool (non-Lufthansa) ducks of his own!

A Game For (Lufthansa) Duck Lovers? 3

He also received a cool airline duck during our first trip to the Balkans a couple of summers back!

a close up of a rubber duck

So what do you think- are contests worth entering or usually just a waste of time?

Do you collect Lufthansa Ducks? If so how many are in your collection?

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