Southwest Offering Free Drinks for Halloween

southwest airlines customer service

Southwest Airlines seems to really get it when it comes to customer service.

They offer a Really Cool Perk for Kids, which Lucas was able to get after I inquired about it a few times. They’ve done some fun in-air stunts like Turning an Aisle Into a Runway in the Sky and they always seem to be running giveaways for free trips..

Overall, after flying Southwest numerous times in the past few years, we find their staff to be some of the friendliest in the industry.

Another nice gesture Southwest offers on a variety of holidays like New Years Day, Valentines Day, Mothers & Fathers Day as well as a slew of others are free drinks!

southwest airlines customer serviceThere are two dates left in 2014 to get free drinks on Southwest and the next one comes at the end of this week.

This Friday, October 31, Southwest will offer a “drink on the house- if you’re of age” to celebrate Halloween!

After Halloween, the next date for free drinks will be on November 27 for Thanksgiving. Kim and I took Southwest up on their free drink offer last year while flying with them to Florida.

This year we plan to spend Thanksgiving at home. Hopefully some of you can enjoy a free drink on Southwest during turkey day!

Does anyone plan to go trick or treating for a free drink this Halloween while flying Southwest?

3 thoughts on “Southwest Offering Free Drinks for Halloween

  1. I happen to be flying back from a work trip on the 31st on Southwest. I’m flying business select that also comes with a free drink… so I guess I get two free drinks… at 10:30am…on a 40 minute flight…challenge accepted! 🙂

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