New Way To Travel Won’t Be Catching On

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image: The Blaze

This has got to be one of the strangest stories that I’ve come across in quite some time…

Endurance runner and peace activist Reza Baluchi came up with an interesting and bizarre way to raise money for children in need. He designed a Hydro Pod (something like an inflatable bubble) to run inside of to get from Miami to Bermuda. 

The Hydro Pod is pretty much a floating zorb with a metal frame built around it. The contraption is moved by running and pushing it with his arms. So basically Reza planned to run 1,033 miles from Miami (over the water) to Bermuda.

A lot of planning went into this potential journey but it wasn’t meant to be.

After suffering from fatigue, Baluchi had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard on Saturday morning.

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Reza Baluchi from

Baluchi planned to fish to catch his food and also brought along homemade protein bars.

Accoring to his website Run With Reza, “A typical day will be, Reza will be sleeping from 6am-9am, will wake up to start running until his body becomes too hot, he will then jump into the sea to cool himself off with a leash strapped to his leg connected to the bubble. He will sleep on a hammock that will be inside the bubble. He will have tracking device on him so that his team is aware of his position at all times“.

This is where the story gets really strange and almost comical. In an ABC News report I read that officials heard about Baluchi floating in the bubble on Wednesday and arrived “finding him disoriented and inquiring how to get to Bermuda”.

The coast guard told Baluchi about the dangers of the trip and suggested that he end it but he refused only to activate his locator beacon on Saturday due to fatigue.

I’m guessing that zorbing across the water won’t be the next big thing in nautical transportation in the future…

Find out more from ABC News here.

Check out Reza Baluchi’s site Run with Reza here.

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