Imagine Bringing This Home From A Trip

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A backpacker traveling around Southeast Asia was having frequent nosebleeds which she thought were due to a motorbike accident but this was not the case.

After returning home to Edinburgh she saw something sticking out of her nose. 

It turned out that a 3 inch long living leech had made her nostril home for over a month. Talk about gross!

The 24-year-old girl, Daniela Liverani told the Sunday Mail, “I tried to blow him out and grab him but I couldn’t get a grip of him before he retreated back up my nose.”

She also said that the leech would come as far down as her bottom lip and see it sticking out of the bottom of her nose while in the shower. Liverani jumped out of the shower for a better look when this happened and saw ridges on it and realized a living animal was in her nose.

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Liverani went to the hospital to have the leech (named Mr. Curly due to being curled up like a ball) removed. A doctor said if the leech was not removed, it could’ve possibly made it up to her brain.

It looks like Daniela handled the situation well and even treated it with a bit of humor. I think I (and most other people) would’ve freaked out at the idea of a leech living in my nose!

Find out more in an article from Buzzfeed here and the Daily Record here.

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