If You’re Afraid of Heights, Then This Isn’t For You

a tall building with a pointy top

Here is a site that I’d love to visit but the price might make it cost prohibitive if I ever happen to find myself back in Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa opened a new deck on the 148th floor making it the highest observation deck in the world. When I visited Dubai years back, the finishing touches were being put on the building so I couldn’t go inside. However, I did get close up views of the building. One of the cab  drivers pulled up and stopped for a few moments right on the construction site!

To visit the 148th floor observation deck, prices start at a whopping $109 if you book in advance. I’m scared to find out what the price might go up to for booking the day of your visit.

When visiting cities, Kim and I have visited many tall towers and observation decks.

Here are a bunch we’ve visited:

  • Petronas Towers- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • KL Tower- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tokyo Skytree- Japan
  • Macau Tower
  • UFO Observation Deck- Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Sky Tower- Auckland, NZ

According to the Yahoo News article, The 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa is 1,821 feet tall while the Empire State Building’s top deck is on the 102nd floor, around 1,200 feet tall.

(FYII ran up the Empire State Building in 2013)

Here is a view from 148th Floor of the Burj:

a collage of a city
image from Yahoo News

Do you like to get views from the top when visiting new cities or are you afraid of heights?

Find out more and check out a video in the Yahoo News article here.

3 thoughts on “If You’re Afraid of Heights, Then This Isn’t For You

  1. OzzieDollar- Everyone likes different things. To each, their own…

    Sean- Not confused at all. The 148th floor deck just opened. You visited the deck 24 floors lower during your visit.

  2. I think you’re confused, I was there in April and paid ~$35 in advance. The “$100+” price you are quoting I believe is Dirham. You get about 3 dirham per dollar.


  3. I’ll just buy a postcard. No fear of heights, just don’t see much value in observation decks. I’d rather have cocktails or dine at a somewhat high restaurant instead.

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