A Bizarre Retention Offer

Turning Down A Citi AA Retention Offer

This is really bizarre…

Last month I thought that I turned down a retention offer on my Citi AA Mastercard and closed my account.

I was told that the $95 balance from the annual fee would be removed and that the account was closed. However, when I checked into my Citi account a few times over the past month, it always showed that I still had a balance.

I didn’t think much of it until I received a bill for my closed account showing that I had a balance of $95.

Rather than wait, I decided to call Citi to find out what was going on.

I explained the situation and was then asked if I could be placed on hold. I was then connected with another representative and had to explain what was going on once again. I mentioned how I had called and closed the account and even provided the date of when I had previously called.

The rep then asked me if I use my miles. After saying yes, she offered me a retention bonus of 3,000 miles for spending $500 in three months.

This was really weird. Did I just receive another retention bonus offer for an account that I had been told was closed just last month?

I actually would’ve been very happy with this new offer if my annual fee of $95 would’ve also been waived. It was not.

In the end I turned down this new retention offer and confirmed that my account was really closed this time.

Has anyone else ever closed a credit card account to only find out that it wasn’t actually closed?

2 thoughts on “A Bizarre Retention Offer

  1. I just called today and they gave me a $95 credit equal to the annual fee and 1000 bonus miles for $1000 spent per month for the next 16 months. I took the deal as I have no status anymore on AA and the baggage fees and 10% miles back are work keeping it for $0.

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