I Love Earning Unexpected Miles

I’ve earned sign up bonuses for many of the dining programs and used to make an effort to dine in restaurants that participate. The problem is that few restaurants close to home seem to participate anymore, or at least one’s I’d want to go eat at.

When visiting new cities and states around the U.S., I always make it a point to check the handy and useful TV Food Maps app.

The  app can search using location services for restaurants that have been featured on travel/ food televison shows close by. Due to TV Food Maps I came across the Black Duck Cafe in Westport, Connecticut. (Check out my review of the TV Food Maps app here.) The show was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

We were in the area due to the IHG Into the Nights promotion. To earn a generous amount of points, I had to stay at the EVEN Hotels nearby. (Check out my review of EVEN here.)

Kim, Lucas and I all enjoyed the food at Black Duck Cafe. I paid the bill and didn’t think much more of it besides mentioning it to family that lives close by.

Yesterday I was surprised to receive an e-mail from MileagePlus Dining with the subject “How was Black Duck Cafe?”

I opened the e-mail and saw that I earned some unexpected miles.

Now I know that 161 miles might not be much but it always feels like a little gift to get extra miles when you don’t expect them!

Are you a member of airline and hotel dining programs?

If you’re not a member of MileagePlus dining you can sign up here.

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