500 Bonus United Miles-Shop & Spend $75

a blue background with white textI received an e-mail from MileagePlus Shopping late last week where I could earn some bonus United miles in a targeted offer.

While the offer is pretty easy to reach, there isn’t much time left and I’m not sure that I’ll bother with it.

With the offer I can earn 500 bonus miles for spending $75 through MileagePlus Shopping. That’s a bonus of a little over 5 miles per $ spent. Definitely not bad but not enough to make me want to rush to find something to buy through the portal.

According to the e-mail, this offer is only available to the member that received the offer.

The offer is good until midnight on October 18.

Has anyone else received this offer or a similar one?

3 thoughts on “500 Bonus United Miles-Shop & Spend $75

  1. Scott M- I totally agree! I just hope that the gift cards count and you get those bonus miles.

    DaininMCI- Are you going to try to earn the bonus? Thanks for sharing info about MileagePlus Shopping possibly not allowing gc purchases to count. It’s definitely a good thiing to be careful with.

  2. I got the $500 version.

    @scott M. be careful buying gift cards on the United shopping site as some don’t allow gift card purchases to count. Just double check the wording.

  3. My offer was 1000 miles/$200. Not great, but since I was already planning to get $50 gift cards for the nieces and nephews for Christmas, it was a no-brainer to click through to Walmart and pick up some extra free miles.

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