United Dining 1,000 Bonus Miles

Another day, another dining program bonus offer…

A couple of days back I wrote about an offer from American Airlines’ AAdvantage Dining where I could earn 1,000 bonus miles for dining out in three new restaurants, spending $40 or more at each one.

Last night I received the exact same offer from United’s MileagePlus Dining

The terms are exactly the same and once again- registration is required and this is a targeted offer.

If you didn’t receive an e-mail from United inviting you to take part in this offer, you can try to register for it here. (However, it’s highly unlikely that will work.)

Find out more about my thoughts on this offer by checking out my post from a couple of days back about the offer I received from American Airlines.

What are your thoughts on dining programs?

I used to make more of an effort to take part in them but these days there seems to be less and less restaurants participating that I’d actually like to dine at.

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