Spirit’s Crummy Holiday Fee Increase

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If you ask me, the news of what Spirit will be doing over the holidays is possibly as low as an airline can go. (Unless Ryanair does charge to use the toilet one of these days!)

Well maybe I’m blowing this a bit out of proportion but to me this is just not cool at all.

I came across the news of Spirit digging to the bottom of the barrel for new ways to increase revenue in the form of “raising bag fees for holiday travelers” in an article from Yahoo Travel.

Spirit does claim to offer Bare Fares + Options, equalling Frill Control. Cute, right. Maybe not so much…

Kim and I have only flown with Spirit one time. We flew out of Atlantic City to Panama around 5-6 years back. I don’t recall paying any fees. The only thing that still stands out is a flight attendant being late thus delaying our flight…

So Spirit’s brilliant plans for the holidays is to give its customers a gift in the form of higher checked bag fees.

a yellow card with black textWith Spirit’s Temporary Holiday Bar Price Change, passengers will be paying $2 more than usual for standard checked bags between 12/18/14 and 1/5/15. From what I understand, these increases do not apply to $9 Fare Club members.

a table with price tags and numbersSpirit claims to be implementing the additional fee “to make sure we have room for everyone’s bags”. How thoughtful!

I am not really understanding how charing $2 extra per bag will help.

If Spirit wants to lighten the load, maybe they should charge by the pound for checked luggage. They could even give out those little numbers at the deli counter instead of having passengers wait in a formal line at the airport for their turn.

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(I first came across the news of Spirit’s Temporary Holiday Bag Price Change in an article from Yahoo Travel.)

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