10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World

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A couple of years back I wrote a short post about Bizarre Restaurants Around the World. I haven’t thought much about these restaurants since writing the post until writing about how you can Dine With An Unusual Guest in Japan.

If I had to think of a bizarre restaurant that we’ve eaten at I’d probably go with one that isn’t all that strange. Years back, while in Budapest we went to a restaurant called Sir Lancelot.

The place is supposed to be a medieval setting with suits of armor and torture devices as decoration. You sit at long wood tables while cheesy (but fun) shows going on while you eat and drink. Food is brought out on big metal trays and there are no forks to eat with. (I’d assume at home Medieval Times would be similar although Sir Lancelot is not a big place.)

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I just came across a slideshow from Smarter Travel which has 10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World.

While looking over the list I noticed some familiar restaurants that I had read about a couple of years back and a couple of others that I’ve also heard of while reading about places to go.

Here is the list:

  • Modern Toilet– Taipei, Taiwan: Sit on a toilet while you eat out of replica bathroom items.
  • Heart Attack Grill– Las Vegas, Nevada: A hospital theme restaurant serving extremely unhealthy food. If you weigh over 350 pounds, you get to eat for free.
  • Ninja– New York, NY: A dark underground restaurant where ninjas will serve you your food.
  • Barbie Cafe– Taipei, Taiwan: A very pink Barbie themed cafe licensed by Mattel.
  • Dans Le Noire– London, England: Eat in the dark and find out what you ate after you’re done with the meal.
  • The Airplane Restaurant– Colorado Springs Colorado: A restaurant “housed in an old Boeing KC-97”.  (I recently wrote about a McDonald’s plane restaurant in New Zealand.)
  • Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant– Multiple Locations- Kansas & Missouri: Have your food delivered to you by toy train at Fritz’s. We walked by one of these in Kansas City in late June.
  • The Chillout Lounge– Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dine on hot food in sub-freezing weather. Seats & tables are made of ice. Appropriate warm clothing is provided.
  • New Lucky Restaurant– Ahmadabad, India: Eat between graves in this restaurant located of the site of an old cemetery
  • Cabbages and Condoms– Bangkok, Thailand: We walked by this place during our trip to Thailand. According to Smarter Travel, “prophylactics hang from nearly every surface in the restaurant and there are intricate sculptures made from birth-control methods”. 

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If I were to pick a couple of weird restaurants from this list to check out, I’d probably go with The Airplane Restaurant (we almost went while we were in Colorado Springs for BAcon last year) and The Chillout Lounge. If Lucas could choose one I know that he’d definitely go with Fritz’s.

Have you eaten at any strange or bizarre restaurants? If so where was it and what made it so different?

Find out more about each of the restaurants from Smarter Travel’s list here.

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