2 Drunken Women Force Plane To Turnaround

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I came across a crazy story from the AP about a flight taking off from Toronto’s Pearson Airport bound for Cuba having to return to Toronto with a military jet escort.

Your initial thoughts would probably be a terrorist threat or something to that degree but the incident took place for a very different reason.

Two 20 something year old women decided that it would be OK to drink their duty-free alcohol in the plane’s bathroom. To top things off they then decided to smoke a cigarette which set off the fire alarm.

Wait it gets even better. Then they proceeded to get into a fight with each other. Because of all of these events, the two young ladies caused the Sunwing flight to turn around and return to Toronto.

The two women, “Lilia Ratmanski, 25, and Milana Muzikante, 26, have been charged with smoking on board an aircraft and endangering its safety“.

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image from The Hamilton Spectator

According to the article, “NORAD said it scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets based out of Bagotville, Quebec, to escort Flight 656 back to Toronto”. 

Having a couple of fighter jets escort a plane due to a couple of drunk mid-20 year old girls sounds a bit ridiculous but it is “a standard procedure in such incidents“.

I hope that Lilia and Milana enjoyed their drinks and smoke because they will now be facing charges of mischief, endangering life and uttering threats.

Cheers idiots.

Find out more in the AP article here.

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