Free Parking + Free Mile From Chase?

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Earlier in the month I decided to dust off my Chase British Airways card and place a small amount of spend on it.

Now when I say small I really mean it.

I needed to use a parking meter for a half hour so I paid with my Chase BA, charging a whopping .50¢

I didn’t intend to only charge .50¢ but after charging my meter I wondered what would happen in regards to earning miles. Did I need to charge $1 to actually earn 1 mile or would Chase round my charge up, earning me the mile (and extending the expiration on my Avios account)?

I figured that I’d wait to get my bill and see how it went.

Fast forward to about a week later. My bill arrived and I was curious to see it.

I opened my bill and was a bit surprised.  Although I had charged the NYC parking meter the large sum of .50¢ my bill showed a new balance of $0.00! For some reason or another, Chase gave me a credit adjustment of .50¢.

Now I know it’s not much but this meant that Chase essentially treated me to free parking! 

After reviewing a bit further, I saw that this was an even better deal that I had assumed. Not only did I get free parking, I also earned 1 mile for my effort.

I then went into my account and went to look at last month’s statement. When I saw my charge,  I clicked the little “+” next to the transaction which made the line expand.

This was pretty interesting… I charged .50¢ but said that I earned .63 miles! I can’t imagine how .63 miles could post so I guess they just rounded it up to 1 mile earned.

Considering that Chase gave me a credit adjustment for my big purchase, I didn’t think the mile would actually show up in my Avios account. I went over to to see if anything had posted.

Here is what I found:

To my delight, 1 Avios did indeed post to my account thus extending its expiration date!

So let’s recap what happened.

I charged .50¢ at a parking meter in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. Chase gave me a credit adjustment for the charge, which means that I got free parking! Even thought my charge was credited to me, I still earned 1 mile.

What I don’t understand is why Chase would refund me for a charge that I made, no matter how small it was.

If only there was a way to scale this and earn lot of points while getting free parking!


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6 thoughts on “Free Parking + Free Mile From Chase?

  1. Most banks do this. It costs more for them to process a payment so they just cover it if the overall bill is less than <$1

  2. Well, since you wrote .50c, maybe Chase thought you only paid half of a cent? .50c is not equal to 50 cents.

  3. Hao- This would totally make sense but I’ve never noticed this before.

    slickdealing- I have no clue what you are talking about.

    purcitron- Not sure what you are trying to tell us???

  4. Over at faywallet you can search for a thread of many banks that cancel minimal spend. For example discover cancels $1.99 per month. Not a ton of money but keeps accounts active and I get a fee bucks of amazon e-cards monthly out of it.

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