Airline Giving Away 1,000,000,000 Miles

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I came across a great way to let out some of your frustration about airlines while earning some free miles yesterday while reading USA Today online.

In the article I learned that budget carrier Spirit Airlines is giving away up to one billion miles which comes to 8,000 miles per member. To earn the miles all you need to do is tell Spirit how much you hate flying with them or one of their competitors!

The promotion is being ran on a special website created just for it.

When you stop by you can watch a video about how “Spirit wants to be better at explaining how they are different from other airlines and are just trying to keep airfares low”. There is also a silly jingle about the hate for Spirit including some people’s tweets.

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Spirit is also open to hearing some positive feedback although I’m not so sure there are many people out there with happy thoughts about the airline!

To earn the free miles you need to:

  • Have a FREE SPIRIT account
  • Lodge your complaint (at the website mentioned below)

Spirit is helping us out by providing a drop-down list of airlines that we can complain about. Complaints need to be brief and are limited to a “Twitter friendly 140 characters or less” according to USA Today.

The promotion ends July 31 or when one billions miles are all given out. That means up to 125,000 people can get 8,000 FREE SPIRIT miles through the promo.

After submitting my “hate” for Spirit, I found out that the miles would post within 10 days.

If you’d like to share your hate for Spirit (or another airline) and get 8,000 miles for free, click here to head over to 

You can also check out the USA Today article about this promo here.

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